Exploring the Digestive System

This week, we have had a pre-learning session for our next term’s Science topic, which will be all about the human digestive system. We watched video clips and played games to start familiarising ourselves with the topic vocabulary. A big thanks to Mr Wilcock for all his hard work making the activities!

Awesome Authors!

Over the last few weeks, we have been studying Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’. We have explored how he created such vivid characters by using rich description and how he built up tension by using a range of long and short sentences. Once we finished, we read them out to our friends. They were great!

Who lived in Britain before the Roman invasion?

Today, we have continued our History work about the Romans by researching who lived in Britain before they invaded. The children worked in teams to research one aspect of Celtic life before sharing their findings with the rest of the class. Then they played a board game called Crazy Celts where they had to answer questions to further their knowledge. Finally, the class designed Mind Maps to show what they had learnt about the Celts. What a busy afternoon!

States of Matter

As part of our Science work, we have been investigating gases. Mr Wilcock showed us how gases fill the space they are in and what happens to a flame when oxygen runs out. After that, we made predictions and careful observations of what happens when you drop raisins into lemonade. Who thinks they can explain what they saw?

Expert Invasion!

Children from Year 4 came to their friends’ rescue when they made errors in their Maths work. They looked at their friends’ books before pairing up with other children to help them understand where they had gone wrong and to explain how to tackle similar problems in the future. Well done!